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Get Off Your Butt and Just Get Moving

You can try every diet known to man. Some will work some won't. Right now Im not reviewing and weight loss plans or diets. I.m just passing on some simple info that i think could really help all of us because I want us all to feel good. What I want to stress to you now is you don't necessarily need a diet, but you do need to get moving,

On my most recent trip to the doctor, he told me some fascinating. Apparently there's a super computer made by IBM named Watson. Scientists just feed Watson information on everything and then ask it questions. My doctor said that recently Watson was fed everything we know about getting healthy. Things like medications, eating healthy, workouts, new age solutions, you name it. Researchers then asked Watson a question. "What's the best thing a person can do to be healthy?" Well Watson, the multi million dollar super computer spit out something basic and perfect..... "Walking, once a day, outside, for one hour." That's it. That's all. No complicated health regiment or super restrictive diet. Just get outside and walk.

We, as people constantly over-complicate things. In every facet of our life we think too much and act too little. For one day i want you to try something. Stop thinking too much. get out of your head. This is not just for physical health but maybe more importantly, yout mental health. So when you get home from work or school or kid's practices or shopping or whatever, get outside and walk. If its cold grab a sweatshirt, if its freezing grab a coat, if its hot grab some water. Grab your wife, husband or dog and go. If it hurts to walk, do what you can. Five minutes, 2 minutes even. Go as far as you can then tomorrow go further. Give it a try. If you don't believe me, believe something a heck of a lot smarter that me, Believe Watson.

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